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The Official 2020 Are We Okay Drinking Game

If you’ve been paying attention – and even if you haven’t – you know that 2020 has been just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck, fantastic. There have been some ups – and we’re all for looking at bright sides – but we can all agree this year has given all of us a reason to drink. Enter, us: your resident 2020 drinking experts. We have crafted a game to reminisce on the garbage that was this year, and celebrate that it’s almost over by using it as an excuse to get, like, really drunk.

How to Play

It basically works like Never Have I Ever. The cards are set up in a digital deck – you will find it at the end of the instructions. Everybody takes turns reading the cards, and whoever is guilty of doing/saying/thinking whatever is on the card has to do what it says.

Ex: Someone reads a card that says “Take a shot and dance like a chicken if you’ve accidentally flashed your coworkers on zoom.” If Susan from Accounting saw your butt, that’s you. Proceed to take your shot and do your best rendition of the chicken dance.

If the card reads “take off an item of clothing if…” but you’ve run out of items of clothing to remove, please for the love of god, start putting them back on. We didn’t mean to cause this.

The game is split up into the categories that made our year. Make sure that the person reading the card mentions the category. It’s written at the top and it’s color coded. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.

General Rules:

Age: 21+

Jail is the last thing we need this year.

Amount of players:

  • Min: 3

  • Max: However many are allowed in the same room according to COVID safety regulations where you are. Please don’t contract COVID while playing this game (we will not be held responsible. Don’t be an idiot.)

    • On Zoom: However many people can play without it becoming an annoying work meeting where people keep talking over each other. Use your judgment. Or don’t.

      • To play on Zoom, just have one person share their screen with the cards (“can everybody see my screen?”) We should really be experts on this by now, folks.

Who wins?

Much like in 2020, there is no winner. Just making it through should be considered a win. Right? (we suggest drinking water if passing out is not a part of your plan. If it is, knock yourself out)

*Disclaimer: not all of these are family-friendly. If you’re going to play with family, know that this might get awkward.

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