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We love developing our own (usually funny) content, but we’re also passionate about transforming brands, by helping them find their voice and connect with people they want to reach.


Take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on: 

The AWO Communications team conducted market research to create a comprehensive influencer & social media strategy, including budget planning, for Eternal Cosmetics, a sustainable nail polish and beauty brand.


The team then implemented the strategy, with an initiative that tied the launch of Eternal's new gel polish kits to a women's non-profit organization: promising to donate 10% of proceeds to Movemeant Foundation by the end of the launch period. 

The AWO team led outreach and secured partnerships with content creators, with a special focus on TikTok and Instagram. 

Lastly, the AWO team took the time to create processes and train the Eternal Cosmetics team, to ensure the sustainability of the strategy for future campaigns. 

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In-House International asked us to join their project team developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for findhelp (then known as Aunt Bertha) from the ground up. We worked under In-House's leadership to research, gather insights, develop and launch a comprehensive marketing strategy including detailed frameworks, architecture, marketing operations, and growth programs.


Our team collaborated with findhelp employees, leading the development of engagement marketing and social media marketing, influencer marketing, and leading and training findhelp marketers on the skills needed to take over after the six-month project ended.

To learn how pioneering marketing consulting transformed findhelp, visit [link]

Our team was asked to join In-House International on three different projects to conduct research, copywriting & content planning, and develop a series of recommendations & strategy for internal Meta projects.


The AWO Communications team created a comprehensive PR campaign, including influencer marketing and media relations for the launch of Craize’s new Everything cracker. We worked with approximately 30 food & lifestyle influencers to promote the new flavor through social media. We also garnered coverage from publications including: Forbes, The Boston Globe, Miami New Times, Hungry Girl, Trend Hunter, SF&WB, and more. As a direct result of this launch campaign, Craize had a 30 percent increase on social media engagement and 40 percent increase on website traffic.

Our team has worked with architecture and design firm Preschel Bassan Studios on an ongoing basis. Conducting research and developing an ongoing social media strategy with the goal of creating and maintaining an entertaining and engaging image, while continuously representing their studio’s vision. Since we started working with the studio, there’s been a 50 percent increase in reach, a 20 percent increase in engagement, and a 15 percent increase in following.


Our team worked on various campaigns with ethically-made clothing brand seventytwo. AWO Communications performed brand and market research, developed and implemented a comprehensive communications strategy that ensured the brand’s mission, vision and values were understood and seen by its target audience. Our team also worked on targeted launch campaigns that included media relations, influencer marketing, social media planning, copywriting and content creation. Secured coverage included: Lifestyle Media Group print feature, Siempre Mujer, and more.

Other Clients

Market & brand research, development of full marketing strategy and updates to funnel.

Market and brand research, development of strategy, social media planning, copywriting and graphic design.

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