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AWO Communications helps companies that are passionate about their ideas. We develop strategies that help brands find, create, tailor and share their voice to make sure they are seen, heard and understood. 

Our services can be described as marketing consulting. On full-length projects, we work in phases:
(1) research, (2) strategy and (3) execution. Depending on the size and scope of needs, our team can act as consultants, agency or become fully integrated with our clients throughout the lifecycle of the project. We also provide individual services for shorter, or more specific projects.

Understanding your brand, understanding the market for it, and finding relevant gaps in processes and adoption.

  • Market research and competitive analysis

  • Brand, channel and messaging audit

  • Stakeholder, user and audience research

  • Use cases and user journeys

Developing an action plan for marketing, communications and branding, based on needs discovered through research.
  • Goals and objectives to measure success

  • Updates to adoption funnel/processes

  • Core messaging 

  • Voice and tone guide

  • Social Media plan

  • Media strategy

  • UX design

  • Partnerships and influencer marketing

  • Marketing-centric growth programs

  • Market opportunities: current events, news, happenings, dates, etc. 

Implementing strategy, proactively improving processes and creating maintenance plans for continuous growth, long after our team’s tenure.
  • Deploying strategic plan 

  • Improving user experience

  • Setting up internal processes

  • Creating marketing materials and templates

  • Defining and implementing growth programs and strategies

  • Training and educating internal teams

Individual Services
One-off communication, strategy and marketing services offered as needed for brand changes, product launches, events, and updates.
  • Brand and market research

  • Brand or product launch strategy and management

  • Social media strategy and implementation

  • Partnerships and influencer relations

  • Copywriting (website, blogs, press materials)

Questions? We've got answers.
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