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What The Literal F*#k is Going On?

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Less than two weeks ago I was sitting in my office and my main source of anxiety was that I had a very long to-do list and not enough dried mangos from Trader Joe’s to get me through the day. Pretty much a regular day in corporate America… Lots of clients, lots of meetings, lots of events, not enough time, and not nearly enough snacks. Then everything, and I do mean everything, was cancelled.

Two weeks later? I’m stuck at home, on unpaid leave–even I was cancelled–and a very uncertain future, not just for me but for our entire society. I keep wondering… Are we stuck in some sort of simulation? Is this The Matrix? And if so, can I get out now? 

I’ve been mildly panicking about this stupid Coronavirus for three months now. Ever since I watched “Explained” on Netflix and the episode about The Next Pandemic outlined pretty much everything we’re living now (coincidence?…to be honest, I don’t even know). At first it was kind of a joke, I said I was nervous about this virus, I wondered aloud if this might be the next pandemic, everyone (including me) agreed that was insane, and we moved on. Slowly though, COVID-19 has spread everywhere: The “next” pandemic is currently happening and I am NOT here for it. 

Now, I question going out to buy groceries, I don’t remember what the bottom half of my friends looks like (shoutout to Facetime, Zoom, Houseparty, and Whatsapp), and I find myself freaking out when characters on Schitt’s Creek hug, even though the show was shot during simpler times… You know, when human touch wasn’t going to kill us all. 

Are we okay? Unclear.

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