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Best Movies: Mom can you pick me up? I'm scared - Horror Edition

On this blog, we constantly ask ourselves if we are okay, and honestly sometimes we’re not. When that happens we like to avoid reality in some way, and remind ourselves that, even though it seems like we’re at a low point, there are movies to remind us that it could always be a lot worse.

This is a great time to experiment with some of those. You know, the kind that will freak you the fuck out, make you question what’s behind your shower curtain and under your bed, and not let you sleep for a month. We think that’s an ideal plan. Sounds like fun, right?

A bit of background: a couple of years ago, we used to be deeply afraid of scary movies. Seriously, we avoided them at all costs, and protested loudly when friends would try to convince (or bribe) us into watching one with them. We didn’t understand why people wanted to spend money to suffer through a movie, especially because the few times we were actually convinced into watching one of these, the plots were shitty.

Finally, our resident psycho friend –– don’t be surprised, we all have one –– forced us to watch The Conjuring, and we finally understood the hype. If it’s a good scary movie, it gives you a strange adrenaline rush. It makes you feel you are riding on a roller coaster of emotions, and when you’re almost about to vomit (just kidding don’t be such a wuss) you realize it’s not real! Or is it?

After all, it may scare the shit out of you, but it gets your mind off of real life, by giving you something fictional that is much more worrisome. We want to invite you to join us on this ride, so with the help of our dear aforementioned psycho friend and scary movie expert, we came up with our list of all-time favorite horror films:

PS: we’re not big fans of gore (a.k.a limbs flying and blood splattering), so we tried to avoid those as much as we could ;)

Classics - Trauma, but make it cute.

Misery - Hulu

The Mist - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

The Shinning - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

1922 - Netflix

Doctor Sleep (Modern Remake) - Youtube $3.99

Rosemary’s baby - Netflix

The Sixth Sense - Amazon Prime video $2.99

The Omen - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

Psychological thrillers - You think you’re messed up? Just wait.

Get Out - Amazon prime video $3.99

Annihilation - Hulu

The circle - Netflix

Lords of Salem (kinda gory but not really) - Amazon Prime Video $5.99

US - Hulu

A Quiet Place - Hulu

Ma - Hulu

Silence of The Lambs - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

Horror/Drama - Oh you wanted to sleep after this? Well, that’s not happening

Midsommar - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

Hereditary - $2.99

The Cabin in The Woods - Amazon Prime Video $3.99 (Bonus points because Chris Hemsworth is in it)

The Boy - Netflix

In The Tall Grass - Netflix

The Others - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

The Babadook - Hulu

The Orphanage (El Orfanato) - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

Hush - Netflix

A Ghost Story - Netflix

The Devil’s Backbone - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The Invitation - Netflix

The Rite - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The Exorcist - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The Witch - Amazon Prime Video $0.99

The Nun - Hulu

The Orphan - iTunes $0.99

Watch all or nothing - We’re looking for commitment. Commit.

Anabelle - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

Annabelle: Creation - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

Don’t watch the third one, it sucks.

The Conjuring 1 - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

The Conjuring 2 - HBO Now

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It - Available on Netflix Sept. 11th

Insidious - Netflix

Insidious Chapter 2 - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

Insidious Chapter 3 - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The Ring - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The Ring Two - Amazon Prime Video $2.99

The third one also sucks.

It - Hulu

It Chapter Two - Hulu & HBO Now

The McKamey Manor of movies - These should really come with a warning (watch if you’re feeling extra psycho)

RAW - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

Sinister - Amazon Prime Video $3.99

So, are we okay? Just take a look at what we are recommending you.

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